• Black Belt UK: National Supporting Body

    We are a National Supporting Body run by Martial Artists with the sole purpose of helping boost the Standards of Martial Arts practices and ethics within the UK.

    What can we offer you and your school/association?

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  • FREE CHIEF INSTRUCTOR MEMBERSHIP Student Memberships from £2.50
    Member to Member Insurance Cover Instructor Indemnity Policies & Procedures Grade Verification and Ratification Products and Services Training Seminars National Competitions Squad Training and Selections and Much Much More

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  • Full Black Belt UK Instructor Training Programme Black Belt Full Instructor Training Junior Instructor Training (for younger assistants) PCT - Parent Coaching Training (for Additional Assistance Child Protection & Safeguarding Courses First Aid Training Full Enhanced DBS Checking

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  • Regional & National Competition BBUK Martial Art Athlete Sponsorships BBUK National Squad Training Referee, Judge & Table Staff Courses Competition Training Seminars with World Champions AND MORE!

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  • We are here to provide one of the best National Grading Registers in the UK.  You will be able to provide recognition and verification options to your students, instructors and parents.  The best part....all standard BLACK BELT GRADES REGISTERED FREE!

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  • Our Aim is to help ALL Clubs, Schools and Associations to provide solid ratification for their grades.  Whether it be Kyu, Kup, Dan, Degree or other grade levels we aim to ensure we can give you security and recognition that is easily checkable for those who require it.

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  • We provide optional paid choices for Additional Black Belt Verification, Certification Re-Issue and more.

    Providing THE best service in the UK is our aim with NO POLITICS.

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  • Black Belt UK: Serving ALL Clubs, Schools and Associations in the UK

    • Why Use Black Belt UK?

      Who are we?  We are BLACK BELT UK: The National Supporting Body.

      Our aim is to provide support for schools, clubs and associations who wish to remain independent in their approach to running their schools but offer help, assistance and know how where needed.  On top of this we will provide additional training, resources and more as we aim to help boost the standards of UK Martial Arts.

      As well as this we offer a range of FREE options Including our FREE BLACK BELT GRADING REGISTER! 

      You need to ask yourself why when so many Clubs, Schools and Associations have  some form a grade register why would you need to use us?  Well that is a great question.  The answer is simple, because we are offering a non-political, non-connected method of grade registration.  It doesn't matter who you are affiliated to, what style of Martial Art you study or where in the UK you are, we WILL help you FOR FREE!!!!

      Have you ever left an Association or even a Club or School to then be stripped from their records as though you never existed?  This sadly happens a lot in the Martial Arts World and this leaves people without a way of having their grades confirmed.  All due to connections and agenda.  This is something we are aiming to put a stop to.  Once someone is registered with Black Belt UK they remain on our system until such time as they ask to leave or increase in grade which will be amended. 

      How do we ensure that only genuine grades are held within Black Belt UK?  We ensure that we look into every school that puts their details forward and will also look into individuals that contact us also.  We will validate all records to the best of our ability and our team will remain vigilant to ensure the standards presented by Black Belt UK are maintained.

      We are also offering PREMIUM services to allow clubs to externally log student grades at lower level which will provide a Martial Arts Timeline for people to be able to confirm their time in training also.

      Finally we also offer even more PREMIUM services for Black Belts to provide further details about them.  A name alone can be shared with a lot of others but a Name and Photo Based Profile mean that a person is shown to the world with the recognition they truly deserve.

      Get in touch today and let Black Belt UK help you show the world who you are.

      So if this enough support for everyone?  If not let us know and we will see who we can assist.  But we will continue our efforts to boost UK Martial Arts for the better and for all.  No politic, no rubbish, just good practice, good Martial Arts and GOOD PEOPLE!

    • Grading Success - Fighting Spirit Club

      We absolutely love hearing about club and student successes here at BBUK HQ.  So when Fighting Spirit Chief Instructor Victor Santos told us about his students grading success, we obviously felt the need to give you all a shout out! Well done to each and every one of you on passing your next belts and taking another step on your journey.  It is an honour to hear how well you are all doing and

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    • BC Tigers Martial Arts - New School Registered

      We would like to welcome BC Tigers Martial Arts and thank them for registering their Black Belts with Black Belt UK. Thank you for showing support and being part of the group as we grow.

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