• The wait is finally over, now Clubs, Schools and Associations can provide recognition free from politics.


    We do not charge for Clubs, Schools or Associations to be added to the list so now is the time to get in touch.

    So what makes us different to other so called Black Belt Registers?  Well for starters we do not keep or remove those of you held on our system based on your current status, your current affiliations or whether or not we like you.  We do so because it is about maintaining standards and ethics within Martial Arts.  If you pass our checked to ensure that you are a genuine club, genuine instructor, association or valid individual black belt, you are welcome.  But wait.....there is more....

    Have you ever noticed that someone else may have the same name as you?  Well what is stopping them falsely calling themselves a Black Belt under your name if after all you both share it.  Checking a Black Belt Register will just confirm that someone with that name is a Black Belt.  So our Premium Service helps provide identity to Black Belts.  We will be providing Black belt Profiles that will allow a Black Belt to be FULLY VERIFIED as an individual and not just a name as we feel that is what truly counts.

    So, get in touch today and see how Black Belt UK can help you.