• Name:
    Andrew Banks

    Years Training:

    Grade Record:
    4th Dan (Yondan) Wado-Ryu based Karate
    1st Dan Koku-Ryu Kombat School
    Purple Belt Cobra Kick Jitsu
    Yellow Belt Combat Ju-Jitsu
    Blue Sash Cobra Kung Fu

    Relevant Qualifications:
    Level 1 Martial Arts Instructor UK & Trainer
    Level 1 Qualified HYPER Pro Training Instructor
    Qualified Coach
    Qualified Self Defence Instructor
    7303 (PTTLLS) Teaching Qualification

    2015 – Became a Member of the 2015 WTKA England Squad
    2015 – Became 1x WORLD CHAMPION in Traditional Kata Team Forms at the Unified World Championships in Benidorm, Spain
    2015 – Became 1x Silver World Medalist in Creative Forms at the Unified World Championships in Benidorm, Spain
    2015 – Became a Member of the 2015 WMO England Squad
    2015 – Became 3x Silver World Medalist at the WMO World Championships
    2014 – Inducted into the Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame
    2013 – Inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame
    2013 – Awarded “Outstanding Contribution to a Stronger Community” by North Lincolnshire Council Community Champion Awards

    Andrew Banks sensei has been training since the age of 5.  This means that he brings over 23 years of experience to the table.

    He started training under Roger Souter sensei in Shotokan Karate in which he reached 8th Kyu (Red Belt in that style).  From here he then underwent training with the San Kai Karate Association.  This was one of the largest associations in Essex at the time, lead by Paul Rees sensei (Godan – 5th Dan).  It was here he had the pleasure of training under many sensei alongside Paul Rees sensei.  These include, Peter Collen sensei, Reg Shorter sensei, Master Kevin Rigby (5th Degree Kung Fu, 4th Dan Karate) as well as Jean Frenette (Hachidan – 8th Dan).

    During his time with the S.K.K.A. Andrew Banks sensei was a very accomplished competition fighter.  This even included training with the England Squad in the 90’s.

    In 2006 Andrew Banks finally took the plunge to earn his Shodan (1st Dan.).  This was a personal choice for Andrew Banks sensei due to seeing so many great karate-ka leave the art once they reached this pivotal point.  He did not wish to be that way.
    Once passing Shodan, Andrew Banks sensei decided that teaching may well be the next step in his training after not being able to find a local Karate Club for him and his daughters when he moved to North Lincolnshire.

    On 18th August 2007 Kirton Karate was born, established in the town of Kirton Lindsey, North Lincolnshire.

    In February 2008, Andrew Banks sensei had to relocate to Wrawby in Brigg, North Lincolnshire.  This prompted Banks sensei to seek another place to call a Dojo and continue the teaching he now found he loved dearly.  Due to no longer holding classes in
    just Kirton Lindsey, Banks sensei decided that a change of name was in order to ensure that as the club grew, the name would grow with it.  From mid 2009 Kirton Karate became known as Koku-Ryu Karate (Black Dragon Empty Hand)..

    During this time the club was a member of the English Karate Organisation, headed by Dave Sharkey sensei (Hachidan – 8th Dan) in which Andrew Banks sensei graded and received both Nidan (2nd) and finally Sandan (3rd Dan) on 11th September 2011..

    Koku-Ryu Karate also become members of Cobra Martial Arts Association (C.M.A.A.) headed by Andrew Morrell sensei (Hachidan – 8th Dan) on 8th August 2011 and finally parted from the E.K.O. on 22nd March 2012 so that the club could benefit from the wider
    options available through the C.M.A.A.  Not only for his own training but also for the benefit and training options for his own students.

    At the beginning of 2012 Andrew Banks sensei was also awarded membership to the Martial Arts Masters Association by Grandmaster Ted Gambordella (Judan – 10th Dan) and Koku-Ryu Karate also became members of the Independent Warriors
    Association (I.W.A.) headed by Master Mikeal Smith and Master Monua Cary on 1st December 2011. This promoted more international links and training opportunities for the club.

    Whilst with the C.M.A.A. Andrew Banks sensei has had the fortune of increased training.  This has included training in Cobra Kick-Jitsu, Combat Ju-Jitsu and Cobra Kung Fu.

    As a result of the ability to teach different styles and techniques Andrew Banks sensei decided a new club banner was in order.

    From the 1st June 2012 Koku-Ryu Karate became known as Koku-Ryu Martial Arts.

    As well as his love to teaching Martial Arts, Andrew Banks sensei took a challenging plunge in March 2012 in which he launched a Brand New Martial Arts Magazine.  Martial Arts PULSE in which he was the chief editor, this later had to be put to one side due to personal matters but this did not stop him persuing the arts he loves.

    In 2015 he, as well as several of his students, qualified for not one but two National England Squads competing in TWO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.

    He hopes that through this and continued training he can bring bigger and better things to his students as he develops further.