• Name:
    Nicki Bainbridge

    Grade Record:
    2nd Dan Black Belt in Wado-Ryu based Karate
    11th Kyu Kombat School
    Green Chevron Freestyle Nunchacku
    Yellow Belt in Kick-Jitsu
    Orange Belt in Kickboxing

    Relevant Qualifications:
    Qualified Level 1 Martial Arts UK Instructor
    First Aid

    2015 – Became a Member of the 2015 WMO England Squad
    2015 – Became 2x Bronze Medalist at the WMO World Championships
    2015 – Revolution Creative Weapons Forms English Champion
    2015 – Revolution Musical Weapons Forms English Champion

    I started training when I was just 8 years old when a friend introduced me to the martial art after she had received her junior black belt and I wanted to get into doing a sport that would assist me in daily life.

    Quickly I found that I had a passion for training within karate and worked my way through to my brown belt 2 black strips in wado ryu karate, but was unable to go any higher due to lack of training given from the instructors, luckily I found another club where I was able to keep my grade and work through and eventually in just under 3 years I gained my black belt 1st dan in wado ryu sport karate.

    I then moved away from home down to where my work took me over in Skegness where I found a club to train with in Shotokan karate, eventually I had my grade of Black belt 1st dan recognized and was training up to go for my next dan grading, when the instructor of the club left and I was unable to carry on with my training.

    After leaving Skegness and coming back to Scunthorpe, taking about 6 years out of training I realised that I loved my training and started looking for a new club, where I then found Koku Ryu Martial Arts and started training with this club at the end of March 2012.

    Since training with this club I have gained not just in experience but knowledge and fitness which has really helped me within karate itself but also as a person and as a martial artist.  Since training with this club I have now been able to gain my Black Belt 2nd dan, among gaining many other different grades in different areas including Kombat school, weapons and learning new martial arts which I didn’t think I would be able to do, while having a disability on my back Koku Ryu has been most helpful within my journey making sure that I have had the correct training to assist me to get to where I am today.

    Since training at the club I have been able to work my way through the different levels of the grading’s for each belt while learning my own, but have also now also gained the level of Sensei, Assistant Instructor and Grading Officer.

    Also as well as still keeping on top of my own training I have been able to train with not just a great club, meeting new friends, but training with some great instructors, as well as working towards my level 1 martial arts instructor qualification and enhancing both experience and knowledge along the way to assist others with their journeys within martial arts.

    Over the years I have trained with many instructors some have been good , while others not so, while Koku Ryu has been the most rewarding club I have trained with, with the chief instructor Andrew Banks Sensei being OUTSTANDING, and full credit to him.