• Name:
    Sue Lambert

    Years Training:

    Grade Record:
    1st Dan Black Belt Wado-Ryu based Karate
    9th Kyu Koku-Ryu Kombat School
    Purple Belt Cobra Kick Jitsu

    Relevant Qualifications:
    Level 2 Martial Arts Instructor UK
    Qualified Coach
    First Aid

    2015 – Became a Member of the 2015 WMO England Squad
    2015 – Became 1x Silver World Medalist at the WMO World Championships
    Sue Lambert Sensei started training in August 2011. She started training with Koku-Ryu Martial Arts (KRMA) under Sensei Andrew Banks and has reached her 1st Kyu in Karate and is going for her Black belt in 2014.

    She has accomplished many things whilst been with Sensei Andrew Banks and holds a Purple belt in Cobra Kick Jitsu and 9th Kyu in Kombat School as well as grades in Bo Staff and Nunchaku.

    She has also achieved her Level 2 Assistant instructor through MAIUK in April 2013 and Sport Sword Assistant instructor and hopes to achieve her Level 1 instructor in 2014.

    Sue has helped with the Junior Dragon classes for several years and is currently working through the levels for the Junior Leader Development Programme and is also one of the STORM team members for KRMA.

    Since training with KRMA  Sue has had the pleasure and honour of training with some outstanding Martial Artists including Steve Rowe Sensei, Steve Hallam Sensei, John Burke Sensei and Sifu Keven Rigby to name a few.

    Sue hopes to carry on towards her goals and continue to help others in their journey through Martial Arts.