• Name:
    Wend Burrows

    Years Training:
    15+ Years

    Grade Record:
    1st Dan (Shodan) Wado-Ryu based Karate

    2015 – Became a Member of the 2015 WMO England Squad
    2015 – Became 1x Silver World Medalist at the WMO World Championships

    I have been training since the age of 17 and started off in Shotokan Karate at Newcastle Sendai where I gained my first Kyu grades. I had the privilege to be trained under instructors Sensei’s Frank Brennan, Owen Murray, Jeff Barwick.

    I then moved around the country and could not find another club to train in until I moved to Wellingborough where I trained under Sensei Gerry Grey. And had my Kyu gradings taken by Sensei’s Keinosuke Enoeda Chief Instructor of the KUGB. (Karate Union of Great Britain) and Yoshinobu Ohta.
    I moved again to Lincolnshire and started looking for another club to train in, and after trying a few different styles I came to Koku-Ryu in 2013. I noticed the style was similar to Shotokan and loved it from day one, I gained my 1st Dan in October 2013 and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

    I am now also training in Weapons and Kombat School and look forward to beginning my journey of teaching and helping train future Shodan students.