• The fact you are on this page shows us you are interested in what Black Belt UK can do for you and your school.  Well let's get straight to it.

    When looking for support for your school you should always ensure that you seek what is best for your main concern.  Your students!  Let's be honest without students you would not be here. So what can we do for YOUR students?

    Then we need to look at what benefits you get as an Instructor, well..... you need to have a benefit from it too right?  Please rest assured, we have you covered!

  • Student Benefits

    • Member to Member Insurance Cover

      This will mean that by becoming a member of BBUK, they will automatically received Insurance Cover that will cover them against injury whilst training with any other members of BBUK.  We pride ourselves on the level of cover we offer and know that the bare minimum that some offer is not enough.  We offer £2,000,000.00 in cover to students.

    • Online Licence & Grading Record

      We are the first Supporting Body to step out of the Dark Ages.  We offer a full Online Licence & Grading Record which will allow students to check their insurance cover, track their grades, achievements and much more.  All done so inline with the Data Protection Act to promote safe information gathering and sharing.  Students receive a Membership card with a unique QR code for their own details but also they can search our site for their details too.  No more losing books or missing information from being put in.  We look after everyone.

    • Full BBUK Support

      We are available to BBUK Members whenever they need us.  This is something that we aim to be strong in our approach to.  Our aim is to help Martial Artists achieve
  • Instructor Benefits

    • FREE INSTRUCTOR MEMBERSHIP with Member to Member Insurance Cover

      Well if you are registering your own students with us, this is the very least we can do to support you and your approach to Martial Arts.

    • Instructor Indemnity (Inc. Public Liability)

      This is most certainly a definite requirement of BBUK Instructors and should be something ALL Instructors in the UK carry.  It is cover for you to prevent you from losses if a student is injured due to potential negligence. We need to ensure we provide cover for this.  Our minimum required cover is £5,000,000.00 but many are opting for £10,000.000.00 due to public events held and working inside schools.  Whatever your requirement we can help you.
    • Free Instructor Resources

      We provide you with loads of resources to help with running your school, boosting income and boosting membership.  We will provide you with what has worked for us and has been tried and tested to ensure we are giving you genuine help and assistance.
    • Advice and Support

      We are on the end of the phone, email and text message should you need us.  We will give you advice, support and more to help you be a success and to help you become the best school you can be.
    • Instructor Qualifications Training

      We want you to be the Instructors who KNOW the answer and not "think" you know.  With that in mind we have built a fully comprehensive Qualification structure to ensure that we can not only train you with qualified teachers and trainers but also ensure you have everything you need to grow your own knowledge and school.
    • Additional Training

      Want to offer something else at your school?  We also offer a range of additional Martial Arts Training to ensure that you can boost your skills and learn something new too.  This will be done in a structured way to ensure that we help you in the best way possible.  No shortcuts just solid additional training.