• An optional service we also offer is the ability to have your current grade ratified.  This means that we will issue an Official Black Belt UK A3 Certificate confirming that we recognise your current grade.  This will be certified as official as part of Black Belt UK and Top UK Martial Arts Schools.

    You may also look to purchase one of our Official Black Belt UK Recognition Cards that you can keep on you at all times.  These will contain a link to your profile that people can use to verify your grade using our service efficiently.

    All those who wish for Grade Ratification will need to supply us with the following:
     - Proof of Current Black Belt Rank (This will be checked on) - Details of your current Club, School and Association where possible

    We will undertake checks to ensure that we can accurately verify the grade that is being detailed.


  • Purchase a Certificate

    Get your very own BLACK BELT UK Grade Recognition Certificate right here.

  • Purchase your Recognition Card

    Get your very own BLACK BELT UK Grade Recognition Card right here.